Loveable: Embracing What Is Truest About You So You Can Truly Embrace Your Life

In Loveable, I write, “We rarely remember the precious months or years when we experienced our worthiness as a fact. A given. Something as present, real, and natural as breathing and playing and animal crackers.”

Loveable is written to the little one in each of us, who is all too ready to be reminded: you are enough, you are not alone, and you matter. Here, I reveal the core insight gleaned from decades of practice as a clinical psychologist: you are here for a reason, yet you cannot truly awaken to it until you have first embraced your truest, worthiest self and then allowed yourself to be truly embraced by others.

Weaving heart-warming storytelling, gentle insights, and the wisdom of my faith tradition—including my belief that we are all “the living, breathing bearers of the eternal, transcendent, and limitless Love that spun the planets and hung the stars”—these pages invite you to remember the name you were given before all other names: Loveable.

"Wise and encouraging, honest and inspirational, Loveable is a handbook for how to be human.” —Katherine Willis Pershey, author of Very Married

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True Companions: A Book for Everyone About the Relationships That See Us Through

True Companions is the culmination of my two decades of expertise as a marriage researcher and couples therapist and coach. Here, I illustrate how the three ordinary human experiences which plague most relationships can be transformed into the fertile ground for enduring, lifelong companionship.

In the pages of True Companions, you will learn:

  • The one experience that causes the most conflict in relationships but could become the source of the best connection

  • The one goal that must be mutually agreed upon in relationships, if you hope to trade in your protection for connection

  • The one perspective that will allow you to keep your priorities straight, your relationships first, and your companionship thriving

"I know this book will touch many lives. Kelly Flanagan has harvested the rich rewards of true companionship from the everyday struggles of doing real life together―a gift to every couple and every kind of companion everywhere." —Bob Goff, NYT bestselling author of Love Does

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The Unhiding of Elijah Campbell: A Novel

Fiction isn’t just fun, it can be formational, too: healing, wholing, and humaning. In this debut novel, you’ll discover a page-turning and plot-twisting tale that both inspires you and equips you to live and love more authentically. A guide for group discussion invites further conversation about the story's themes of healing, grace, faith, forgiveness, and freedom.

Elijah Campbell is on the verge of losing his writing career, his faith, and his marriage when a recurring childhood nightmare drives him back to his hometown, Bradford's Ferry. There, his encounters with loved ones both past and present shed light on the reason his wife left him—and the meaning of his nightmare. However, beyond the light he begins to glimpse something even more terrifying—a decision he must make…to continue hiding the secrets of his past or unhide the only thing that can save his marriage: himself.

"Tuesdays with Morrie meets The Shack in The Unhiding of Elijah Campbell. A pitch-perfect page-turner of a story about one man's dismantling and reconstruction as he collides with his past. Authentic, heart-rending, absorbing, and wise, this book hits the bull's-eye of psychological and spiritual relevance. I closed the cover with new clarity, new conviction and, I hope, new capability to forgive and love." —Cheryl Grey Bostrom, award-winning author of Sugar Birds

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